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Welcome to marié.id. We will help you to make a Digital Invitation to Website, Help organize invited guests at your wedding more precision, better and faster to enter into your wedding with 3 easy steps using digital barcode (Snap, Scan, and Step In).

Why marié.id ?

WOW!-ing your Event

Enhancing your event by blend your Guest Experience with technology along the event.

Faster Registration Process

Leave your old fashioned guest book filling process! Using marié.id QR code system, all you have to do is Scan, Snap, and Step in.

Upgrade your guest book to the next level

Upgrade your guest book from disorganized handwriting to attractive guest name-photo compilation. Better news, it’s not only coming in physical form, your guest may see it in digital form too.

Get to know Who’s coming?

marié.id give you instant insight who is coming to your event by looking their photos / selfie equipped with their identity.

Real-time Guest Counter

By showing your troops the real number of guest in real-time will help you managing your event much more better.

Your awesome journey just started

Let your guest know you’re journey, how you guys met, interesting facts, browse engagement and pre-wedding photos through your Personal Website.


Digital Wedding Guest Book

QRCard Scan

By scanning Digital Guest QR Card at your Reception, marié will be making your guess checking-in process only in 7.8 seconds.

Spotting VIP Guest

marié will easily define which of your Guest, VIP, and VVIP Guest. Even we will recognize whether it's your guest or not by removing your conventional guest book.

Guest Counter

marié will help you counting how many guest are coming to your event in realtime (It would help you manage your catering and manage your wedding guest well).

Selfie Session

marié will capture all of your guest selfie photos, we'll collect and see who's exactly coming to your wedding event through marie Digital Guest Wedding Albums.

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  • for up to 250 invitations (includes Registration & Souvenir Apps)
  • Dedicated internet connection
  • Advisory service
  • 4 Tablet & Printer
  • 4 Premium Ushers
  • Invitation & QR distributed by WA
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  • For your convenience, we provide customize package that can be specially tailored to suit your needs. We also provide special feature of RSVP system, including guest chaser & recap of guest confirmation & swab result.

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